Can Your Incurable Disease Be Cured?

I have collected diagnosis upon diagnosis my entire life and been stamped with all manner of autoimmune diseases and other chronic disorders. These have burdened me throughout my life and only gotten worse over the years.

The message I got from doctors and other health care professionals was that I had an incurable condition and should learn to live with it. I ought to accept my lot in life and not place too much hope in a recovery. Otherwise, I would simply put pressure on my nervous system which would in turn make my symptoms worse.

Eight years ago, my condition had deteriorated so much that I couldn’t sleep for more than an hour at a time. I could manage to stay on my feet for around 2 hours a day. I was racked with chronic pains, complete exhaustion, and daily migraines, and my psychological health was very poor.

But thankfully, I never gave up on looking for solutions. It was a long and weary road that sometimes lead me to better health intermittently, but invariably I would regress back to my former state.

What plagued me most was serious fibromyalgia, constant fatigue, chronic migraines, a hypoactive thyroid, arthritis, osteoarthritis, hormonal imbalance, an irregular heartbeat, a poor immune system, and an irritable bowel. As the years passed, depression and anxiety settled in on top of this.

My main symptoms included extreme pain across my whole body, heaviness in my chest, heart palpitations and an irregular heartbeat, poor sleep, repeated infections, near-daily migraines, a lack of endurance, exhaustion, and feebleness, muscle deterioration and weakness, dry and itchy skin, dry eyes, canker sores, eczema on my scalp, terrible pain in my spine from a collapsed vertebra I sustained in a car accident many years ago, pain in and around my neck from the whiplash I suffered in the same accident, pain in my fingers, shoulders, knees, and hips, as well as a great deal of pain in the soles of my feet. I was constantly experiencing stomach cramps, heartburn, bloating, colon cramps, and chronic constipation. I had a hyperactive bladder and persistent yeast infections and had terrible cramps whenever I menstruated. My breasts were swollen, and I would howl in pain if anyone bumped into them. I had ovarian cysts and also had to undergo an operation due to thyroid cysts, at which point it was discovered that I had a tumor behind my thyroid, which was subsequently removed. I had to have a cone biopsy because of moderate to severe changes in my cervical cells. I had repeated lumbago. The list could go on and on.

Today, provided I stick steadfastly to my health program, I am symptom-free.

This brings us to the question, am I cured, or are these conditions merely dormant?

To me, it doesn’t really matter. I have regained my energy, my work stamina, I sleep like a baby, am free of pain, my digestion works like a well-oiled machine. I hardly ever get sick and if I do, I work through the illness in a day as opposed to being incapacitated for days on end as I previously was. I have endurance beyond most women my age; my muscle strength has returned, which I had been told could never happen; and as one might expect, my happiness and wellbeing are constantly improving.

Today I would not be diagnosed with any of my former conditions, many of which are diagnosed on the basis of symptoms I no longer have and levels of inflammation markers in my blood that are no longer detectable.

From that point of view, I no longer have these conditions.

However, I know that if I deviated from my program, my symptoms would start to return, and it would not take long before I became as ill as I once was. What I still feel today is that if I eat something that I cannot tolerate or if I subject myself to too much stress, then my migraines start to slink back in. I do still occasionally take medication to combat migraines. But all other medication has long since been discarded. Medication against fibromyalgia, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, antacids, anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, and many, many others have all disappeared.

The way I view my condition today is that all these disorders have a common cause and the way to overcome them is to bring certain body systems back into balance. By making certain changes to my diet and to my lifestyle, I have been able to support my body in regaining this equilibrium and helping it return to good health.

I would never claim this is easy and achieving this requires a drastic change in diet and lifestyle. But if more people chose to try this path it would have an enormous impact on the wellbeing of our society and our health care system as a whole.

Hildur M. Jónsdóttir
Health counselor and founder of Hildur’s Health Mastery

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