What Former Participants of the Course Say:

Hjördís Ó.

I am filled with gratitude as I write these lines. In October 2018 I was so fortunate to notice an advertisement from Hildur Jónsdóttir on Facebook. She was promoting her course “Health and Happiness, from Misery to Mastery” and I decided to sign up for the course.

For several years I suffered from digestive problems, I had severe hand eczema and a huge musculoskeletal problem. I always woke up tired as I slept very badly, and my body hurt all over, with the pain moving from one location to another between days. The lack of energy was extreme, brain fog and fatigue characterized my days. I went to work and tried to do my very best, but had nothing left when I got home. There wasn’t energy to do anything for myself, like go swimming, which I loved.

Long story short, only three weeks into the course I noticed a difference in my well-being. I’ve followed Hildur’s recommendations in every aspect, and I‘m truly grateful to have met her. Now it feels like I’m “new and shiny”. My energy is back, I wake up in the morning fully rested and pain-free. My sleep is better, my head is clearer and I can show up fully, both at work and at home. Now I no longer need to lie down when I come home from work, but instead, I go swimming, and hiking and I’ve started doing yoga.

Hildur is truly a woman of wisdom when it comes to the food we consume, both good and bad. She follows each of the course participants very closely. The course is very well structured and new steps are taken each week under Hildur’s guidance.

This is written by Hjördís Ó., a kindergarten principal, who is completely in the clouds about having regained her health and is utterly grateful. Thanks, my dear Hildur for helping me.

Myriam D.

Thank you once again for a great course in every way! My health was in turmoil, my well-being went up and down and if I hadn’t changed my lifestyle and changed my diet, depression would probably have come on top of everything else.

It’s really not at all surprising how important it is, what we put into our bodies. On the contrary, it is simply the key to health and thus to well-being and vitality. The German proverb, “der Mensch ist, was er isst” (“You are what you eat”), is a good summary of the above. For a body that has become ill, it is not enough to “just eat everything in moderation” and “just eat enough of a healthy diet”. It has to go all the way and that is what most of us don’t get by ourselves.

The course gives you the support you need. Sharing the challenges and also the results is so important and for me personally one of the strongest tools to keep up with the content and keep going. It is work to change old habits, but it’s possible and so much easier to do it together, yet individually, each at their own pace. No one shames you (except your own body that complains) if you cheat, but you learn to understand to keep going with patience, motivation, and good advice.

I definitely recommend taking part in the course as soon as possible. Life is now, thank you, Myriam.

Sigríður P.

No one knows what has happened until they are lost. A year ago I was battling severe inflammation in my body. My hands had gotten so bad that I couldn’t straighten my fingers or unscrew the lid of a jar. My digestion was completely agitated and I had a hard time with it. And my sleep was intermittent due to pain. A little later I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease arthritis.

In July, I had a lucky star when I saw an advertisement from a woman who had recovered from a changed diet and lifestyle and wanted to help others achieve health. I enrolled in a course with Hildur M. Jónsdóttir and thank the publishers every day.

Half a year later I am almost asymptomatic, asleep like a baby, and started dancing again. When I started the course, I didn’t have too much faith that it would help me, and I felt awful to stop eating almost everything that I thought was good. But what does one not do when health is pledged?

After a few weeks, my digestion was fine and it made me determined to continue this journey. Gradually, the swelling and pain subsided, and I cried out of joy when I could do something new, like getting dressed without pain and straightening my fingers. Also, I was unbelievably happy to watch the others on the course recover from their illnesses. Through Hildur, we were all given a new and better life. Hildur is a unique guide, a sea of knowledge, and warm and fun. She encouraged us like a young mother when we struggled or wanted to give up. Hildur always cared for our welfare and never got tired of finding solutions for each one. I think I’ve never learned so much in such a short time.

I will be forever grateful to Hildur M. Jónsdóttir for giving me another opportunity to enjoy life with all its adventures.

Sigríður Ólöf H.

I participated in Hildur’s Foundation Course in September and liked it so much that I decided to attend the 12-week postgraduate course with her. These courses are absolutely fantastic. They are well-organized and it takes enormous work to make them as effective as they are.

My well-being has changed a lot for the better and I have learned so much that I will continue to use it even though I still have to completely integrate it into my mind. I have much more energy, sleep much better, and decreased the amount of migraine medication. Pain in the body is so much less and usually, there is almost none. My digestion improved a great deal and I’m much less stressed.

It’s also amazing how deep the course goes in everything, not just the diet but also mental health and so much more. I encourage everyone who has health problems to attend a course with Hildur because it’s something that you can use throughout your life. Hildur is such a great person who wants the best for everyone and is so nice and fun.

Björg B.

My friend pointed out to me that Hildur Jónsdóttir was starting a course on a successful diet to reduce the effects of autoimmune diseases. I didn’t have to think long after watching the promotional video to decide. Over the years, I have developed several autoimmune diseases that have controlled my life and in recent years, caused difficulties in my work and physical activities. So there was nothing to lose.

I have been with Hildur for four months. I just haven’t experienced another time like this in my life. This is no ordinary course. You must be fully prepared to make major changes in your life. This requires an open mind, self-control, determination, and faith in yourself. It’s not a “cure”. This is a permanent lifestyle change.

Hildur has the talent to be able to learn, persuade and explain everything she has to offer and that gives you confidence in this project. She gives everyone in the course the opportunity and time to express themselves and their feelings and gives advice accordingly. Therefore, the course is highly individualized.

Besides this, Hildur is so warm-hearted and a good person that you would do anything even if it was just for her.😂😂 After these four months of changing diets, environmental factors, and mental health, I was able to magnificently reduce all the symptoms of autoimmune I’ve had for decades and am fully energized in life and work. The future is bright. 😄

Íris Anna S.

Hi Hildur. Your course has completely saved my life. ❤️ Getting all my energy back is absolutely priceless. This affects the whole family and everyone benefits from it, ie. my mom started thinking about herself and regained balance in her life as well. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to everybody who wants to feel well in their body and soul. ❤️ I’m going to continue (the program) to live a pain-free life. ❤️ Thank you ❤️

Ásta Gunna K.

The course is excellent in every way, with good management, and a great education. It has truly changed my life for the better, it’s so simple now. I became drug-free, painless, and full of energy – what more can you ask for. Thank you. 😍😘

Sigrún B.

I totally recommend this course. Hildur is very knowledgeable about everything regarding health and nutrition for the body and soul. You get all the individual help you need, even though it’s a group course. My improved health means everything to me.

Svanhvít Vatnsdal J.

Thank you, dear Hildur, for a well-organized, informative, holistic, and health-enhancing course. The demonstrations were helpful, as well as being able to send you questions and getting clear answers back. Peer support is important.

Thanks for the encouragement, support, care, infinite patience, and your gentle smile.

More Opinions:

Jóhanna S.

I was so lucky that my mother-in-law contacted me in September and told me about the course. I decided to jump in and take part, even though I didn’t feel much need for it. I just considered myself pretty healthy. It’s surprising to say that I have experienced many positive changes and gotten rid of many things that plagued me for many years. I still feel the changes and won’t quit the program because I’m so excited to see how the recovery will continue. I feel like a big lottery winner, I drift on a soft cloud and feel like I’m 30 years younger.

Hildur is radiant with captivating energy and a great teacher who is patient and tireless in explaining complex things in a simple way. The course material is full of information and its follow-up with each individual is invaluable. I wish that as many people as possible get to know the program, and experience improved health, better well-being, and more happiness.

Dear Hildur: Thank you very much for taking such good care of me and everyone else in our group! 

Ingibjörg Ösp K.

Much less pain and no migraine… and 6 kg disappeared in 4 weeks! I hardly believe this myself! Good support, ideas, and education. Hildur is absolutely fantastic. The content is great and I can easily relate to what she has gone through, which helps me on my journey to recovery.

Thank you very much 🙂

Guðný Pálína S.

I recommend Hildur’s course to everyone who is interested in improving their health and is willing to take on the work they need. The course can also benefit those who want to learn what a specific diet can do for people, health-wise.

I had poor digestion for the last 2-3 months before the course and was always swollen, and feeling bad after eating no matter what I ate. But after eating according to the program for 2-3 weeks the digestion was fine. I hope to get more energy in the future.

Sigríður E.

I have long sought help in mastering malicious arthritis but was told that nothing can be done. When I got in touch with Hildur and saw what success she has achieved in her fight, I was filled with gratitude, hope, and joy! Finally, I’ve found a way to follow and I am full of expectations and hope for a better future and a better quality of life.

The course is clear and organized, set up in reasonable steps with good explanations and it’s easy to get answers to all the questions that arise.

Guðbjörg Ása G.

A great course that inspires you to think about how bad a diet can be for your body and soul. It helped with arthritis, migraines, and losing 7.5 kg 🙂

Hildur is full of knowledge and a great instructor. I recommend the course 100%.


  • Free of migraines, starting to find increased energy and feeling better than in many years
  • Edema is disappearing
  • Helped with constant fatigue
  • Feeling more energy
  • The fatigue has disappeared, no longer need to go to bed during the day
  • The brain nebula is disappearing
  • Began to find more power and increased energy
  • No migraine
  • No brain fog
  • I no longer feel any nerve pain
  • Arthritis has decreased rapidly
  • The energy is increasing
  • The brain fog has lightened
  • No leg pain anymore
  • The digestion is in harmony
  • The digestion is better than it has been for decades
  • Already got rid of 7.5 kilos
  • Much less pain
  • People have begun to say how good I look
  • The twitches are almost gone
  • 6 pounds gone in 4 weeks without starving