About Hildur

Welcome to my website.

Here you find information about me and my courses, as well as other projects that I’m doing. Apart from offering various courses, I’m also the founder of the Icelandic Heilsubankinn (Health Bank).

Let me tell you how I got to where I am today, my health history in short, or as brief as you can tell a long story. 🙂

My name is Hildur M. Jónsdóttir and I’m, well, what can I say – an entrepreneur, wife, mother, mentor, student, grandmother, wife, manager, scuba diver and I could go on for a long time – but first and foremost I am HEALTHY and HAPPY. 🙂

When I was a girl, my dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up and I answered “Happy!” This was not the answer my father was expecting and I will never forget his impressive reaction. He answered that I couldn’t always be happy! He certainly felt that he was protecting me from disappointment, but I don’t think happiness is tied to a particular situation or destination. I think it’s rather a feeling that comes with our approach to life. I believe we can be happy even when we are going through difficulties or even though we haven’t achieved all our goals and dreams yet.

However, finding happiness can be difficult when we suffer from pain, lack of energy and distress.

I’ve managed to achieve this goal, to be happy, for the biggest part of my life until I felt very far away from it due to chronic illness. It became difficult to find the feeling of joy in the breast, even though all external conditions couldn’t have been better.

In fact, my husband always admired my positivity and how I faced the difficult challenges of the disease. But at some point, I got overwhelmed.

If you have tried everything imaginable to feel better over a long period of time without seeing any improvements, you will feel disappointed and distressed. And I ended up in a time of complete darkness, in which I began to believe that I was only trouble and hindrance to others. I constantly believed that the world would be better and life easier for my loved ones if I were no longer among them.

It was so bad that I could only get up for up to two hours in total a day. I had chronic migraines and often had to be injected to lower the pain. Sometimes, I had to go to the hospital for pain relief. I slept poorly because of having pain throughout my body and suffering from chronic fibromyalgia. In addition, I had been diagnosed with arthritis and hypertension, had surgery because of a thyroid cyst, had preliminary cancer twice, had a chronic digestive problem all my life and like that, I could continue this list.

I had tried everything that the traditional health system offered, stayed at all the rehabilitation centers, tried all the non-traditional methods and all the food remedies I’ve ever heard, no matter what their names were.

The main symptoms that affected me were headaches, joint pain in the fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders and knees, I had regular injections for pain in the hips so that I could sleep, had regular heart palpitations and often missed heartbeats, suffered from eye dryness, got dry patches on my face, got scabies on my skin, was exposed to infections, gained weight despite eating an incredibly healthy diet and not much, had chronic pain in my back, and this way I can continue indefinitely because this is just a fragment of the symptoms that I had to deal with.

I had looked for the best physiotherapists in the country but they couldn’t help me. They all started training and treatment plans for me but they just ended up hurting me because my body reacted so intensely to all interventions. Even with the least effort, I turned pale and fainted. It usually took me two to three days to recover each time and then it happened again. So there was no structure and we often moved in the opposite direction.

I fought drug use for the longest part of this process but eventually, I agreed to take whatever they gave me. But it did little to nothing. I may have slept a bit better and could do a little more because of the painkillers but there was no recovery because autoimmune disorders are considered incurable.

Three years ago, I rebelled against this situation. I refused to accept that I had to live like this for the rest of my life. So I stopped listening to the doctors who had told me that I just had to learn to live with it. I refused to accept that my condition was incurable and that the only thing I could do to make my life more bearable was taking medication.

In those three years, I have compiled everything I tried myself and went further and deeper. I read a million (maybe not quite a million) books, immersed myself in research reports online, was in touch with doctors and professionals around the world and tested diet and strengthening treatments on myself.

Today, I’m completely drug-free, painless and I’ve reached full energy and endurance. I’ve returned to physiotherapy, now my physiotherapist can finally do his job and we are fully engaged in reconstruction work. I started aerobic training and one day, I walked up to the waterfall Glym, which is not the easiest hiking path. 🙂 And I did it without feeling tired afterward, I didn’t have to lie down in bed the next day and I didn’t even have sore muscles!

My husband and my loved ones watch me in astonishment, seeing me work long hours, going out for a walk, looking after my grandchild and still having the energy and stamina to sit and chat with them at night. Usually, I was always in bed around dinner time.

And the feeling of happiness has come back. Now I get excited about waking up rested after seven hours of sleep and without any pain. In physiotherapy, I get tears of joy when my exercise pulse is normal and I can keep going. I get a warm feeling in my chest when I leave the house and see nature at its most beautiful. And I absolutely look forward to the future, which used to be a big concern for me.

Life is a wonderful gift when you can enjoy living it <3