Are You Ready to Make the Change?

Sign up for “Hildur’s Health Mastery – Foundation Course”

Are You Ready to Make the Change?

Sign up for “Hildur’s Health Mastery – Foundation Course”

Are You Fed up With Not Feeling Your Best?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is definitely the course for you! “Hildur’s Health Mastery” tackles the unhelpful opinions and beliefs that we hold about our own situation in life, and helps us find the right way to improve our health and well-being.

In This Course We Will Work On:

We Love Seeing Our Clients Succeed

“Your course has totally saved my life. Reclaiming all of my energy, my enthusiasm, and my positivity is something I can’t put a price on. It’s spread to the rest of the family, and everyone else has been enjoying these benefits too. My mom has started looking after herself and found her balance again. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to everyone who asks and to everyone who has noticed how great I feel, both physically and mentally. I intend to continue with the rest of the program because this is the way life is supposed to be lived: pain-free! Thank you! ❤️”

Íris Anna Steinarsdóttir

“I totally recommend this course. Hildur is very knowledgeable about everything regarding health and nutrition for body and soul. You get all the individual help you need, even though it’s a group course. My improved health means everything to me.”

Sigrún Baldvinsdóttir

“For several years I suffered from a weak colon and stomach, severe eczema on my hands, and terrible orthopedic problems. I always woke up tired because I slept so poorly and ached all over; an ache here today, an ache there tomorrow. I completely lacked energy, and my days were marked by brain fog and general sluggishness. I had to drag myself to work where I tried my best, but then had nothing left by the time I came home. I didn’t have it in me to do anything for myself, like going swimming for example, which I otherwise loved.

I can safely say that I started feeling a difference in my health and well-being after three weeks in the course. I have followed all of Hildur’s advice, and am so sincerely grateful to have gotten to know her, and I feel like a whole new person. My energy has returned, I wake up rested and ache-free every morning. I sleep better, feel much more clear-headed, and can give my best both at work and at home. I don’t lie in bed anymore doing nothing while I wait to fall asleep. Now I go swimming, hiking, and have started practicing yoga.

Hildur is a veritable font of knowledge about everything that we put in our bodies, the good as well as the bad. She monitors our progress very well throughout the course and keeps track of each and every one of us. The course is extremely well structured, and every week we take new strides under the Hildur’s faithful guidance.

This is the personal testament of Hjördís Ólafsdóttir, a grateful preschool director who is on cloud nine after reclaiming her health. Thank you, dear Hildur, for helping me.”

Hjördís Ólafsdóttir

Hildur’s Health Story

All of my life, I’ve had to deal with serious health concerns that have grown continuously worse through the years. Just a few years ago, my condition had gotten so bad that I could only stand upright for about two hours per day. I had constant aches and pains, no energy, I slept poorly and suffered from chronic migraines.

I’ve been collecting diagnoses of various illnesses my whole life, including arthritis, osteoarthritis, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, low blood pressure, thyroid issues, and the list goes on.

Five years ago, I decided I’d had enough. I refused to be the victim of “incurable” illnesses and swore that I’d find a way to get my life back.

Two years later I was medication-free, and rid of nearly all of the symptoms that had controlled my life up to that point and people started to come to me for help.

Today hundreds of people have gone through my program and the amazing success stories keep piling up.

My mission is to assist as many people as I can along the same journey that changed my life, and I aim to help them achieve the same success that I have enjoyed.

Your Plan for Reclaiming Your Health

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Hi, I’m Hildur.

I am a happy middle-aged woman living in the countryside with my husband. Together we have four children and two grandchildren. Being a grandmother is the most fun I’ve ever had! Every day I rejoice in and show my gratitude for the health that I have that allows me to keep up with my small ones!

We grow all of our vegetables at home almost year-round, in a beautiful greenhouse that my husband built. I also work from home, where I am able to enjoy the wonderful mountain views from my office window.

I travel a lot for work and for pleasure and have probably visited about 50 countries. As you can imagine, working online suits me perfectly!

I have a background in business administration and psychology, as well as decades of experience in learning about and searching for ways to improve people’s health, well-being, and life in general through positive lifestyle changes.

I look forward to working with you in the weeks to come!

About the Course

The course takes place over four weeks, and each week we work with a specific step along the path to better health. We will be making general dietary changes and removing certain types of foods from our diet in four stages. Those who wish to work at a faster pace have the option to do so.

Instructional videos are provided to assist course participants in tackling each phase of the program three times a week, and you can watch the videos at your disposal. You are of course encouraged to keep up as soon as new material appears in order to maintain consistency, understand the material as well as possible, and make the most of your Q&A sessions with Hildur at each and every stage of the course.

The material is available for a week after the course ends, so that you can finish going through it if you haven’t been able to keep up.

Course structure:

Week 1 – We mostly deal with what we will be removing from our diet and why

Week 2 – We deal with what we will be adding to our diet, and what ingredients we will be working with in order to support the healing and rebuilding process

Week 3 – We deal with vitamins and what they can do to help the body in its healing process

Week 4 – We look at the body’s stress system, and how to work with it alongside the dietary changes introduced in the previous three weeks

Four steps: Remove – Replace – Strengthen – Support

Included in the registration:

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no date for the next course yet. If you sign up for the waiting list, we will send you a message and you will have the opportunity to register as soon as possible.

In order to give the body the chance to begin the healing process, we have to make some big changes. For this reason, the program is quite rigid. When people begin to feel an improvement in their well-being, a decrease in their symptoms, or even a total relief from symptoms altogether, we will begin to slowly reintroduce certain food groups to our diet.
People generally begin to experience positive changes to their digestive system within two to three weeks. This is the foundation that the body’s other systems need in order to begin to rebuild and heal. Of course, the time the body takes to rebuild and heal varies greatly from person to person and depends as well on how sick the individual is when they start.

All you need for full participation in the course is a reliable internet connection, whenever and wherever you are.

The course takes place over four weeks, with an additional one week during which the course materials remain available online. If you choose to continue on to Hildur’s advanced course, you will have access to all of the material from the Foundation Course as well.

Not at all! But vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the same benefits as others.

You can expect to experience detox symptoms for the first week or two, but this experience varies greatly from person to person. Some people feel nothing at all, but others may experience flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches, and muscle pains. Similarly, you may experience a brief increase in your current symptoms before they begin to decrease.

If you would like to submit a question anonymously, you can send your question to Hildur personally and she will answer them anonymously. If you would like additional support during the program, you can book a private session with Hildur.

If you have any questions concerning the course, please email me at and we will answer you as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing you in the next session! ❤️